Our Story

The first time Tom came to Hawaii was 1985.  Ever since that first trip; For 25 years Tom’s friends, family and acquaintances heard all about how he is going to live in Hawaii someday. Life takes hold; Marriage, College, Kids, a business and before you know it years have gone by and you are still waking up in the Midwest wishing you were where your heart is, Hawaii.

Several years ago Tim and Tom agreed to make a change in their life.  So they talked to the Domino’s Pizza Franchisee on Oahu about jobs when they arrive, found a place to live on Oahu on Craig’s list, sold everything they owned, gave the remainder to the Salvation Army and mailed 8 Rubbermaid bins of their possessions to Hawaii!

They worked for Domino’s Pizza on Island for over a year.  Meanwhile always thinking about a way to make Timmy T’s Gourmet Grinders a reality.With limited money and living paycheck to paycheck.  They searched for “the spot.”  Tom was transferred to the Kailua Domino’s Pizza.  Every day he would pull out of the parking lot and stare at the vacant spot next to Boston’s North End Pizza on Hoolai St.  After talking to Mike at Boston’s everything started to fall into place.  Working 70 hours a week at Domino’s they worked on building the shop on their days off, while also practicing mixing and baking bread in a subway oven in their landlord’s garage. 

On December 2, 2014 Timmy T’s Gourmet Grinders was open!  Tim and Tom worked 5am to 9pm 7 days a week for 3 months’ straight.  With the help of their original employees; Asia,James, Irene, Dave, Shanti, Zach.  Tim and Tom have been able to take some time off to enjoy the place they love and now call home, Hawaii!

The past year has been AWESOME!  We really appreciate the warm welcome we have received from the community. One day after our year anniversary, we found out we needed to find a new home for Timmy T’s by June.  After scouring Kailua, we were blessed to meet Francis and his wife Robin, the owners of Blue Star Furniture at 60 Kihapai St. in Kailua.  They wanted to retire and Timmy T’s needed a long term home.
A bigger space, customer parking in back and a long term lease we are proud to announce our new home for Timmy T’s Gourmet Grinders!  60 Kihapai Street (the old Blue Star Furniture Store).  Timmy T’s at the T ; Kihapai Street and Kainehe Street. 

Our motto : Fast, Fresh, Friendly we really put our hearts into making great sandwiches!  We really love making sandwiches and giving the community EXCELLENT service!  Thank You!

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